Fashion – Anyone Can Have It But Very Few Do

Fashion is one of those things that move very fast and usually the only ones that can keep up are the ones creating them. Keeping your clothes in fashion is difficult and very expensive however there are a few fashions that never go out of style and those are what we want to cover.

If you wear clothes then you want them to look good. All people clean their clothes by washing them but not enough people like to iron their clothes. Have wrinkle free shirts and pants will never go out of style. Even those in the know about fashion will be able to over look a wrinkle free out of style article of clothing but nobody can overlook a wrinkled shirt no matter how fashionable it is. If you own an iron, use it. If you have no iron you had better get one soon.

A good smile never goes out of style no matter how the trends change. Keep your teeth clean by brushing them and flossing regularly. If your breath smells like a sewer then nobody of the opposite sex will get close enough to you to even notice the brand of your newest shirt. If you have to choose between a fashionable shirt and flossing, choose flossing every time.

Keep yourself in shape at all times. A simple and fast workout can do wonders for your body and make the clothing you wear look that much better. The fact is that the trendy clothes designers do not model their clothes on people with big beer bellies so they will not fit you if you have one. Whether you wear fancy clothes or not a trim physique will always keep you in the peak of fashion even if you shirt does not. A person will happily overlook an out of date pair of pants for a person that has a great looking body.

Many people spend a ton of money on fancy and expensive shoes but do very little to maintain the look of them. One small scuff can take a trendy and attractive looking shoe and turn it into a fashion nightmare instantly. If you have the desire to look good enough so that you buy expensive shoes then go ahead and run some polish over them. A well maintained pair of shoes with no fashion appeal whatsoever can easily look better than a pair of expensive shoes that is scuffed up and filthy. If you have never seen a can of shoe polish then go ask your dad what it is and how to use it. There is no need for a military spit shine on your shoes and boots but heck they should be a uniform color not tie died and ugly looking.

Looking in fashion is not only about the clothes you wear but how you take care of them and yourself and consider a custom order wristband. Go ahead and pay a bit more attention to how you present yourself in what you have instead of spending your last dime on clothes that will be out of fashion in a week.

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The Rundown on Tattersall Shirts

Generically speaking, tattersall is a word that is used to describe a fabric pattern used mostly on shirts-a pattern of squares formed by having a solid background overlapped by lines of a different colour or several other colours. Tattersall fabrics are more commonly used in men’s clothing. It is also known as checkered or plaid fabrics


Named after Richard Tattersall who was an English horseman and founder of Tattersall’s London Horse Auction Mart way back 1776. The tattersall shirt pattern was first seen in horse blankets.

Facts and Styling Tips of the Tattersall Shirts

• Shirts with tattersall patterns are considered to be a staple in men’s wardrobe.
• During the early years of fashion, men always chose wool or flannel shirts because of its warmth and more utilitarian look. Tattersall was born and men’s shirts had more colour and fun.
• Considered to have attracted a steady crowd of wearers during the 1980s, which was generally not a good year for fashion, shirts add spice to any wardrobe in these modern times.
• It is definitely not cool to wear a tattersall shirt with plaid pants; never combine loud pants although stylists would beg to disagree.
• To play it more safe, consider wearing solid-coloured shirts and bottoms then layer it with a tattersall pattern with just a little bit of pattern showing.
• Don’t stick to the same fabric with plaid shirts. Expand possibilities by choosing fabrics like silk or something sheer.
• Oftentimes, tattersall-designed shirts are versatile to wear and fit almost any body type.
• Bright-coloured shirts should be reserved for fall and spring whilst the dark ones can make you feel warm during a freezing winter.
• There are basically two types of tattersall patterns; a shirt with either big or small squares. If you are big-bodied, opt for small squares.
• They may be closely associated to country western fashion but depending on the accessories used, they can be stylish and project different styles.
• The good thing about plaid shirts is if you buy it loose, you can still alter the look by attaching a belt that can cinch your waist as well.

Popular Brand for the Tattersall

One of the more popularly known brands when it comes to tattersall shirts is Pendleton. After being worn by the Beach Boys as their “uniform”, the American youth instantly followed. Pendleton is one of the few companies that has total control over the end to end processes of manufacturing their clothes. They claim to be very meticulous in how they produce their clothes lie shirts.

Common people and celebrities alike rely on tattersall shirts to make them look casual and trendy at the same time. Plaid shirts are known to be economical as well since they can go from winter to spring. shirts, due to its versatility also challenges the fashion abilities of a person. As earlier mentioned, these shirts provide the wearer comfort and yet fashion is not sacrificed.

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Evolution of Fashion

Fashion is the latest and most admired style in clothes and cosmetics and behavior, it holds an important place in the history. It is recorded in the past that fashion kept on changing and even the world wars and the great economic depression could not arrest the evolving of new fashions and attires. Fashion also has seen radical changes throughout the world where the dressing styles have become increasingly common among the people. Fashion is a cycle where the old styles and vintage styles of 60′s are back in the frame.

Pirate clothing is one such fashion which was used by the sailors. The tricorn hat, long coat, knee breeches, pirate boots or bucket topped boots are some of the aspects of the Pirate’s wear. The trousers of this wear are loose cut in general and it reaches about the calf, which is ideal for the sailors who normally worked in the boat. The footwear is vital as large bucket topped boots adds glamour to the attire. The pirate boots are generally thigh high and are also referred as thigh high boots. It’s a type of medieval boot. The thigh boots extend above the knees and normally made of leather to synthetic materials. Renaissance boot also has great demand as it is associated with a glorious era. The long jackets, coats and well knitted pirate hats are the other notable accessories in the pirate dressing.

Shirts used to be men’s costume till 20th century, though it is fondly worn by women these days. Shirts are considered as formal wear for men in any event and normally come with collar, sleeve with cuffs and a full opening with number of buttons. There are different types of shirt such as dress shirts, designer shirts, pirate shirts, fashion shirts, casual shirts, t-shirts etc.

Similarly skirts have an unassailable place in the women’s costume which is draped from the waist. As shirts, there is variety of skirts such as miniskirts, designer skirts, pirate skirts, long skirts, under skirts etc. Blouse is attire fondly worn by the women and children. Blouses are shirts which has feminine appearance that touches the waist or little below. They are made of cotton or synthetic material and may come with or without collar and sleeves.

The attires of the medieval age revealed their societal status. There are different types of medieval dresses. The land lords wore a long linen light shirt as inner wear and a decorated gown usually by velvet is draped by men. Women preferred to wear woolen embroidery gowns that were long enough to touch the floor. Similarly rich people wore brilliantly colored soft material.

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The Best Shirt for a Perfect Man – Bertigo Shirts

Imagine yourself dressed in a high quality men’s dress shirt that will make you stand out above everyone else. That’s what you can expect wearing a fashionable designer shirt from Bertigo.

Although Bertigo is a relatively new name in men’s dress shirts, their flattering style and rich colors are making them a leader in the men’s clothing industry. Bertigo is on the cutting edge of men’s fashion and is geared for those who want to be simply fetching by looking good in a dress shirt.

You will get noticed wearing a Bertigo dress shirt. Bertigo designer shirts for men are a cut above the rest with a smart eye catching look and soft feel. These shirts have unique stylish details that add a dashing look to your entire outfit. Captivating details such as contrast stitching, square buttons with rounded corners, or flattering contrast fabric on the placket, inner cuffs and collar interiors are signature features by Bertigo. Made from 100% cotton, these easy care shirts are impressive looking and can be worn comfortably for many hours during the day or evening.

Versatility is a key factor when considering a Bertigo dress shirt for your wardrobe. Bertigo designer shirts can be easily worn at work or at play. Whether you choose a solid colored dress shirt or a sportier and playfully designed shirt with contrasting fabric, you will fit in impressively wherever you are. With their smart designs, colors, and attention to detail, Bertigo shirts are sharp looking for even the most discriminating of tastes. A Bertigo luxury shirt is versatile enough for any event.

When it comes to a flattering fit and trendy style for today’s modern man, Bertigo is the popular choice. Bertigo designer shirts are making heads turn with their unique styling and fashionable colors. These designer shirts are getting noticed for their impressive attention to detail and appealing look. Looking your best is what counts, and Bertigo makes it happen.

For the most luxurious designer shirts for men, look no further than the Bertigo line. This new, designer brand aims to create the most stylish, luxury shirts for trendy and modern men all over the globe. With unique and trend-setting designs, Bertigo is quickly becoming a leading menswear line. From fitted and structured button down dress shirts to high-fashion prints and luxurious fabrics, Bertigo offers something for every sense of style. With signature prints and patterns that are truly one of a kind, finding a unique garment for your wardrobe is now easier than ever before with the Bertigo line of men’s luxury shirts. Perfect for the office, a night on the town, or even a casual day of shopping, Bertigo shirts complement any wardrobe and are easy to dress up and down. Bertigo’s commitment to quality and fit has helped it earn the trust of even the most particular men.

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Why Buy Wholesale Fashion Shirts

Buying wholesale fashion shirts could be a logical action step for you to take. Fortunately, there are currently numerous wholesalers around that are offering a variety of fashion shirts for you to choose from. It would not be hard to find and transact with any of those businesses. You could buy wholesale from wholesalers and distributors in your community, in other cities, abroad, or online.

The best time to buy wholesale fashion shirts is now. If you want to buy such items at much lower costs, buying in bulk is the right way to do so. Wholesalers offer the best deals for bulk buying. Such businesses abound because demand continues to rise, which is just logical especially these days when consumers are always on the lookout for hefty discounts and huge savings. So why should you buy wholesale fashion shirts? Here are the top reasons.

You need wholesale fashion shirts to stock your own fashion retail store. You must be aware that the usual buyers of wholesale items are those that need to resell products after imposing profitable markups. Because you could buy fashion shirts at much lower prices per piece, you could resell those at higher tags so you could generate attractive profits. You may not have such great profits if you buy items per piece from other retailers. But buying from wholesalers could ensure that you buy fashion shirts at more reasonable prices.

Wholesale fashion shirts are for you if you need to use the items in promoting your business or product. Have your business logo or slogan printed on the shirts before you distribute or give them away. The printed shirts could be worn by your employees so they could help promote or represent your business, especially during special occasions. You could even use the printed shirts as giveaways or as special prizes during social events. Printing business logos in fashion shirts is one unconventional way of modern advertising.

Buy wholesale if you need to use them as uniforms of your group or employees. If you need many pieces of shirts at the same time, there is no better way of purchasing them but wholesale. Buying from wholesalers is more logical, practical, and ideal than buying many pieces from a fashion retailer in your area. If you need your group or your employees to wear exactly the same shirts, you have to make sure the items would be identical.

If you need to buy shirts at lower prices because of budget constraints, buying wholesale is for you. It should be noted that wholesale shirts available do not compromise quality despite lowered costs. This is one of the reasons why consumers patronize fashion shirts sold at wholesale. Wholesalers get their supplies from manufacturers, distributors, importers, and even clothing designers. Thus, you could always be sure about the overall quality of the items you buy on wholesale. It is very much recommended for fashion retailers, small entrepreneurs, and even fashionistas.

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